Including Crowdsourcing in Your Fund Development Plan Yields More than Money

CrowdFund Development is essential for every nonprofit, but for smaller mission-based organizations, raising money can be time consuming and overshadow the ultimate goal of realizing the organization’s mission.  Traditional means of fund development include foundation or governmental grants, corporate sponsorship, and cultivating major donors.  These methods are important and should be a part of all fund development plans, however they take time to cultivate and often depend on infrequent schedules and subjective approvals.

A great addition to traditional fund raising efforts is the cultivation of small donors through crowdsourcing.  Crowdsourcing, which includes the category of sports philanthropy, accomplishes much more than raising unrestricted donations.  It is a great way to simultaneously raise public awareness about your mission and mobilize your target population.  It can be done year-round, costs next to nothing, and provides a valuable opportunity to engage your membership and expand the contacts of the organization.

Whether it is a local 5k, a video, or essay contest, there are low cost web-based platforms to support your efforts.  For more information on crowdsourcing and sports philanthropy give me a call or send a note.