Staffing a Startup Nonprofit When You Can’t Afford to Hire Staff

HrA big challenge that startups face is how to develop infrastructure and realize your mission, when you can’t afford to hire staff. Staffing is expensive and it takes time to hire the right people, but things still have to get done. The organization needs to develop its internal structure, incorporate, develop policies and procedures and also raise awareness about its mission.

The first priority is strategic board development.  Being passionate about the mission of the organization is only a small part of the value that board members bring to the table.  During the organization process, it is important to consider areas of expertise when recruiting board members. Seek individuals with specific expertise in areas that will jumpstart the organization.

While board development is crucial to perform the functions of an absent staff, it is important to contemplate the transition from a completely working board to one that is supported by a well-staffed infrastructure.  The time table and transition to this should be built into your organization’s plan.  While staff is costly, developing infrastructure support will make board service much more attractive and aid in the transition of board leadership.  In short, it enhances the organization’s long term sustainability.

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